Website helps people with disabilities connect safely

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A new website to help those with disabilities is changing lives. 

Robin Lally's brother, Rick Farr has autism, He moved from Utah to Tampa to be near his sister.

But meeting new friends and finding social activities was challenging for Rick.

"He has a disability and we are finding it really hard to find social events for him," Robin said. "Places where he felt comfortable and safe and can relate to other people."

Robin realized more support was needed for people like her brother, so she started the website H.U.G. - Help Us Gather.

It's a place for people to organize social events and activities for people with disabilities. 

"This is a part of our community that often times is overlooked and these are people that really deserve to have places that are safe," Robin explained.

Anyone can post events or activities on the site for free.

"There are sensory-friendly events for children, there're dances for adults and teenagers, things like that," Robin said.

Rick believes the website has made a big difference in his life.

"I'm very touched by her showing personal interest and my growth socially," Rick said. "I've been able to excel and get a good part-time job that I didn't have two years ago." 

"I'm looking forward to going to more events where I can meet more people," Rick said.

Robin started this venture earlier this year. For more information, visit