For the first time, Bucs hit the field with Bruce Arians watching

From his new Buccaneer golf cart, Bruce Arians watched over his first official practice at One Buc Place. 

The most noticeable difference? For the first time since Tony Dungy’s days, there was no loud music.  The message, however was loud and clear: B.A. is all business and don't think for a minute he's just sitting back in his cart.

“One thing about Coach B.A., you think he is sitting back in his golf cart,” Jameis Winston said. “He is communicating with his coaches. So he just has that head roll, so he is communicating with everybody. He is letting his orchestra play, but he is orchestrating behind the scenes telling everybody his thoughts, communicating with the quarterbacks, communicating with K.G. – [wide receivers coach] Kevin Garver, communicating with Coach Byron. He runs the show even though everybody else, they’re pulling the strings. They are the puppets – we’re all on a string – but he is pulling it.”

"I was excited,” Arians said about his first practice. "I sat in the golf cart for a while, but I couldn't take it anymore. I had to start talking to guys."

This offseason work is voluntary. New coaching staffs are awarded two extra weeks of work to implement their new systems and the goal for this camp is to get players and coaches on the same page.

Winston has a new backup in Blain Gabbert behind him, but there is no question that this is Winston’s team. Arians was impressed with how quickly Winston has picked up the system.

"He could tell me why,” said Arians. “It's one thing to throw a completion, but tell me why you did it. That's nice."

Arians’ golf cart and the removal the music weren’t the only differences from the past. Two new female coaches were at work, an NFL first. 

“Coach Lori and MJ [Maral Javadifar], we feel their presence,” said Winston. "They are doing their job. They are football coaches and they’re excellent at their field so they are part of the family. We are all one big family and as everyone goes, they go, too. It is really no different. They are our coaches – we are going to respect them, we are going to go out there and win football games with them and we’re going to celebrate with them in the locker room.”

The Bucs wrap up this camp on Wednesday turning their full attention to the NFL Draft and their first-round pick on Thursday.