Former Bucs coach Tony Dungy reflects on past, upcoming Super Bowl

Two-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer Tony Dungy came on Good Day Tampa Bay to give an inside look at what it's like to go to the Super Bowl as the big day approaches.  

He won once was a player with the Pittsburgh Steelers, then later was a coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and led the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl title. 

"As a player, you're just focused in on ‘Boy, I've got to do my job, get myself prepared to do what I'm supposed to do to help my team win,’" he explained on Good Day, "But as a coach, I really wanted our guys to enjoy the whole week and some of the things, some of the pageantry. You don't want to miss that. You want to win the game, but you want the players to enjoy the whole week." 

Dungy discussed a variety of topics, from quarterbacks to the new Bucs head coach.

On Coach Bill Belichick:
"He's very intense. He was my coach. I was 25 and he was the special teams coach of the Giants. He's been able to maintain that level of excellence for 35 years, 35 or 40. It's pretty amazing. But he's focused and driven. Off the field he's a good guy when you get him away from that. But on the field-- one track mind," Dungy said, laughing. 

On the Patriots/Brady/Belichick magic:
"I think the biggest thing is that they have this focus and this desire to win. But they realize the way to win is to help everybody else be good and so it's not just what I have to do. Tom Brady works at his craft but he works at getting the other guys on board and helping them as well in being a great teammate. That's what everybody says about him -- he's such a great teammate."

On Coach Sean McVay & and the Los Angeles Rams:
"This is a young energetic team. They reflect his personality. He's 33 years old. His grandfather was actually the general manager of the 49ers when I played for them. I played against his dad in college. So we had some connection back and forth. But he's 33, in charge, everybody knows he's the leader, but he's not afraid to defer. One of the first things he did was hire Wade Phillips, a 70-year-old defensive coach. He's very I'm not afraid to have senior people around me and lean on them." 

On Bruce Arians as the new head coach for the Buccaneers:
"Bruce coached for Bear Bryant. That's where he got his start. And so he's very no-nonsense. He holds the players to a high standard and tells them very much what to expect and what he expects and he's not going to accept anything short of that. So I think he'll be good for the Buccaneers."

On his Super Bowl LIII prediction: 
"I'm a Saints, Chiefs fan, so...," he said. Ever the diplomat, he continued, "It'll be a fun game to watch." 

Dungy also released a new book, titled "The Soul of the Team." In this book, he takes a different approach, telling a fictional story about a team -- the Orlando Vipers -- and their struggling season. In it, the Vipers coach comes to Tony Dungy for advice. It was the best way, he said, to explain his approach to giving advice. 

"I get asked so many times to speak to high schools or businesses or teams about putting together a winning team and how do you create a winning atmosphere,” Dungy explained. “We try to put the principles down, but we used a fictitious team and the team is not winning. I'm the consultant for the team…and most of the principles are biblical principles, but they are exactly what I used to build the Buccaneers and to build the Colts and the way we did it."

In the book, he uses an amalgamation of all the owners, players and coaches he has worked with over the years. But some of those "fictional" characters seem to be real life ones. 

"We had a lot of fun with it. So when we talk about a wide receiver that was a little bit hard to get along with, people are going to have their own opinion as to who that is," he said, laughing. But he will never tell.