Jason Pierre-Paul is making a career of career comebacks

Standing in front of dozens of reporters, Jason Pierre-Paul chronicled his latest return from a devastating injury.

"I got a lot to do in a short amount of time," he said. 

It has been less than six months since Pierre-Paul suffered a fractured neck in a one-car accident. In that short amount of time, he has willed his body back to the point of being able to play again in the NFL. Remember, this is a young man who has already defied the odds by returning from an accident involving fireworks that badly damaged his right hand.

"Not a lot of people come back from a blown up hand, too," says Pierre-Paul. "But, I had no doubts" 

Vanquishing doubt seems to be at the heart of Jason Pierre-Paul's comeback ability. Tampa Bay Buccaneer Head Coach Bruce Arians describes the defensive standout as a "freak of nature as far as healing.

"He has a great belief in his faith,” says Arians, "I think that sometimes that helps in healing."

Arians says the decision on whether or not Jason Pierre-Paul plays this Sunday against Tennessee will be made later in the week, after JPP has a chance to practice in pads.

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