How to help victims of Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida brought life-threatening floods and knocked out power to more than a million in Louisiana and Mississippi. Here’s how you can help.

New Orleans' levees held strong against Ida

The levees, floodwalls and floodgates that protect New Orleans held up against Hurricane Ida’s fury, but costly upgrades to the city's flood protection system couldn't spare some neighboring communities from the rising water.

Hurricane Ida rips part of roof off of Louisiana hospital

Video captured the moment Hurricane Ida's violent winds ripped part of the roof off of the Lady of the Sea Hospital in Galliano, Louisiana. The hospital said no one was injured, but that the facility sustained significant damage in the storm. On Monday morning, members of the U.S. Coast Guard managed to fly in and evacuate about seven patients.

New Orleans historic jazz landmark collapses during Hurricane Ida

A historic building in New Orleans was destroyed as Hurricane Ida hit the city on Sunday. According to the National Park Service, jazz legend Louis Armstrong once lived and worked in the Karnofsky Shop, and the family that owned it even loaned him the money for his first instrument.