BBQ restaurant-turned-church serves physical, spiritual food to homeless

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Pastor Devlyn and Pastor Cornelius Hamilton know how to cook up a good meal. Six days a week, the husband-and-wife team feed the less fortunate inside a nondescript building on 40th Street in Tampa. 

They’re giving a whole new meaning to the word soul food, serving up dinner with a side of spiritual guidance. 

"It's just about demonstrating God's love. We offer spiritual food as well as physical food. I've been in situations like that so to give back is essential and crucial," said Pastor Devlyn Garrison-Hamilton with True Prosperity Evangelist Outreach.

Pastor Cornelius knows what it’s like to be hungry. Growing up, he spent many nights on the streets and got mixed up in the wrong crowd. Then in 2003, with God’s guidance, he decided to make a change. And soon after he turned his barbeque restaurant into church that also feeds the hungry. 

"Some say I'm a bubbly guy. Some people is comfortable to relate with me. My background is from the streets. I'm from Miami, Florida, I've seen the rough of the rough," said Pastor Cornelius. 

He shares his story with anyone who will listen with the hope that his words will inspire them to choose a new way of life. 

"I never invade their space, so if you don't open it up for me to come inside, I'll just sit here and feed you every day," said Pastor Cornelius. 

When they’re not cooking, the Hamiltons are preaching and hosting church services every Tuesday night. On Sundays they take their church to the streets, sharing their message to people across Tampa Bay. 

"Anyone that's in need, anyone that's down on their luck, anyone that's lost. That’s just what we do," added Pastor Devlyn.