Keel & Curley Winery has been serving Plant City for over a decade

Some of the greatest wine destinations may be found in California or Italy, but there is one winery that has been serving the Tampa Bay area for years.

Keel & Curley Winery in Plant City has well-crafted wine made right in Central Florida, and has perfected the art of fruit and fusion wine. When you throw in some great food, music and wine tours, you have yourself a perfect place for a One Tank Trip.

It all started off in 2003, when Joe Keel -- a central Florida blueberry farmer -- pondered what to do with the extra blueberries on his kitchen table. He thought blueberry wine would be a good start, and made 10 gallons of wine from the fruit. Keel continued to perfect the craft until they had the taste they wanted. 

Now, the winery has three types of blueberry wine, and other fusion wines with grapes and different fruits mixed in. But it is much more than just a winery. They also brew craft beers under the name Two Henry’s Brewing Company. The Plant City tasting room has a lovely menu with fresh food and even an area to entertain the whole family, including a playground for the kids. 

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Not to mention you can book private events, and coming up for two weekends in April the annual Blueberry Festival. 

And to imagine all of this started at a kitchen table. Now, they produce more than 200,000 cases of wine a year. 

More information about Keel & Curley Winery or Two Henry's Brewing Company, can be found on their websites.