12-year-old wins 'Hope for the Future Challenge' contest with recycling video

Sophia Harmon-Greene enjoys exploring her creative side. The 12-year-old decided to use her creativity to enter the 'Hope for the Future Challenge' contest. 

"I enjoy writing, reading, going to the beach," Sophia said. "Mostly my mom made me do it. But, just to have something to do."

The competition was put on by Blue-Green Connections, an environmental group whose goal is to get businesses and the community to understand the importance of the eco-system. 

"As adults, it's important that we take care of the environment now for them. But then we are handing over the reins so it’s also important for them to understand how beautiful and amazing what we have so they can continue to preserve it for future generations," said Paige Konger Henry, board member for Blue Green Connections. 

Harmon-Greene won $100 for her entry. 

"It was a video of different pictures put together with captions on why recycling is important," Harmon-Greene explained. 

Henry hopes the contest has a lasting impression on the youth.  

"The students basically can create a wave that can affect multiple generations. Their peers as well as adults tend to listen better to the next generation," Henry said.

Harmon-Greene said her message was, “If you don't take care of the environment you won't get to see these beautiful things." 

She's working to improve Florida's Gulf Coast for all to enjoy.

Blue-Green Connections is hosting a week-long celebration of the first anniversary of the formation of the HOPE Spot.