2 hand-crafted pianos worth $260,000 donated to South Tampa auditorium

A pair of high-end Steinway Grand Pianos were donated Thursday to South Tampa’s Friday Morning Musicale building. 

The pianos, a seven-footer and a nine-footer, valued at around $260,000, will be used by students and teachers during recitals and other concerts. 

"I’m glad I was able to give to this and be able to help the community most of all.  Helping the community is a big thing," said Cole Clayton, who donated the pianos. 

The Friday Morning Musicale building dates back to the 1920s.  It was originally built for musical events and has hosted women’s groups who’ve helped improve the quality of life for the early women of Tampa. 

"I’m just thrilled and it is really going to make a difference in the performance of students and anyone else like teachers and guests.  There is a definitely a difference," shared Patricia Handly, president of the Friday Morning Musicale. 

The new pianos take a year to build by hand and replace older models that were in need of repair. 

"It is breathtaking. You feel like you want to melt," said Tina Giorgio of The Music Gallery. 


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