20-year-old Tampa theater tells compelling women-focused stories

Actors tell stories with their characters, but the lines & characters at PowerStories Theater have a particular focus. They highlight the plight of women. 

"Most of the plays are about women," said Fran Powers, Founder PowerStories Theater. "It's not our mission that we only serve women, but it is in our vision statement that we like to do plays that are written by women or have women as the main characters." 

Powers started PowerStories theater more than 20 years ago. It is a professional Tampa theater company that tells stories of truth.

"I asked women if they had a story to tell. And I mean, they came out of the woodwork, she explained. "I had all kinds of women that wanted to tell me their story and I would help them tell what we call a resolved story. You know, a story that had a message for others so that others could learn and grow from it."

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The productions are a form of therapy for the actors and their audiences as well.

"We really honestly believe that there's power in your story. And if you know it, and own it, and believe it and you share it with other people, they can then learn from you and the ripple effect," Powers added. 

Carly Cook has been acting since she was nine. Cook is now 16. 

"It's just given me so much more expansion in my career as a high schooler, which I wouldn't normally get just doing school theater," she said. 

For Robert Wagner, it's a chance to sharpen up his acting skills.

"It's been insightful. You know, it's a nice small community.You get to know people, spend time together," Wagner said. 

It's the sense of togetherness that Powers is proud of. 

"The greatest mission of all, you know, is to find out what your gifts are. And I happen to love theater and I love helping other people. I love empowering people to feel good about themselves," she said. 

Her theater is changing the lives of women in the Bay Area through the plays. 

PowerStories Theater is hosting their second annual Voices of Women Theater Festival. It starts today and ends Sunday. 

For more information visit: powerstories.com.