2nd baby this week surrendered to Indiana's Safe Haven Baby Box

A record number of parents are legally abandoning their babies in special boxes across the United States.

Safe Haven boxes are designed to keep infants, less than 30 days old, safe until first responders can get to them. 

The program was founded by an Indiana firefighter. 

Since 2017, 21 babies have been surrendered, including two baby girls in Indiana, just this past week. 

Indiana law allows any parent or legal guardian to give up an infant anonymously, without the threat of arrest or prosecution. 


"I think the program is working. More people are getting educated about it, and women are choosing this and doing something safe and legal for the health of their child," said Safe Haven Box Founder and CEO Monica Kelsey. 

Illinois does not have the Safe Haven boxes, but residents can legally leave a healthy infant with workers at hospitals, police or fire stations. 

To find a Safe Haven location or to speak to a licensed counselor, call 1-866-99-BABY 1.