As Oktoberfest season arrives, 3 Daughters Brewing excited to get Märzen beer flowing

Fall is just around the corner, but brewers have been planning for Oktoberfest for months. 3 Daughters brewing began crafting its Oktoberfest beer in March.  

"Our Oktoberfest beer is a Märzen beer," stated Brian Horne, vice president of sales and marketing at 3 Daughters Brewing. "Marzen actually means ‘March’ in German, so typically what happens is you brew the lager in March, which is then ready in September, which is then ready for Oktoberfest."

The Märzen beer is a traditional German beer with more hops, malt and a higher alcohol content.

"Typically, it's a darker beer with noble hops," shared Horne. "Because it is a lager, it takes a little longer to brew but really what it's meant to be is an easy-drinking beer, and let's face it, for Oktoberfest, you drink a lot of beer!"

3 Daughters Brewing unveiled the Oktoberfest Märzen this week during a special tasting party at the craft brewery in St. Pete.

"For the brewers, it's a really exciting time because they get to do something that they really look forward to," said Horne. 

The Oktoberfest Märzen isn't new to 3 Daughters, but it may be new to the craft brew fans they have made across Florida.

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"This has kind of been a staple at our brewery," Horne explained. "We've been brewing it for eight years here at 3 Daughters. Funny story, it's actually the brewer's favorite beer so we've always had it around because they love brewing it, they love drinking it."

However, this is the first time 3 Daughters Brewing is putting the Oktoberfest Märzen into full production in their distribution system. 

"We have more people signed up ready to sell this than we've ever had for any other beer that we've released in eight years," said Horne.

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The beverage will be released statewide in September. There will be a release party on Sunday, September 26 to celebrate the statewide release of the Oktoberfest Märzen.

The specialty beer is available on draft at 3 Daughters Brewing located at 222 22nd Street South in St. Petersburg. Fans of the beer can get it wherever they shop for Florida craft brewery beers after that release date.

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