Adorable baby orangutan born at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is welcoming a brand new bouncing baby Bornean orangutan to the park! 

The tiny orangutan was born weighing in at just three pounds to mother, Luna, and father, Madju. 

The baby is healthy and is being cared for with snuggles and kisses by its mother while the animal care team closely monitors them. 

The baby doesn't have a name yet, but Busch Gardens will be holding a poll on Facebook to help name him starting Nov. 16. 

Guests will be able to see the baby soon in the Jungala area, says Busch Gardens. 

The Bornean organgutans are critically endangered. In the wild, they live in trees in tropical island rain forests from lowland swamps to mountains in Borneo, but their population has decreased by more than 50% and their habitat is being threatened by rapid deforestation and plantations.

They are also illegally poached.

Busch Gardens is helping the population of Borean orangutans as part of the Species Survival Plan and through partnerships with other zoos and aquariums. 

The park also helps to fund and support orangutan conservation programs.