Following son's diagnosis, preschool teacher changed careers after finding her calling at All Children's

Lindsay Jones has been a registered nurse at John's Hopkins All Children's Hospital for a decade. It's where she takes care of the kids fighting various cancers, and she does it at a time when limited family and visitors are allowed in to see the patients.

"Even before this, we have been their support people even more so now," she explained to FOX 13. "We're their nurse, shoulder to cry on -- you know we're kinda all of that. We can support the patients and their families through something that is already stinky any ways and then add everything else that's going on that makes it extra stinky." 

For this former preschool teacher, it wasn't always a dream of hers to be an R.N. Lindsay's calling actually started after a call she never expected or wanted.

"When Tyler was, a 6-year-old boy into sports and all those things, he signed up for soccer and after his first soccer game, the next morning he had the biggest bruise on the back of his little 6-year-old leg... and my husband and I said, "What is that?" Lindsay recalled.

It would be later diagnosed as ITP, a condition where the blood does not clot. Tyler received his treatments at All Children's and, thankfully, would later grow out of.

Lindsay never lost sight of what she was meant to do.

"Knowing that I'm helping people either by giving them chemo to help cure their disease or putting a tutu on and looking completely ridiculous just to get kids to smile," Lindsay said, "it's really just…it makes my heart so happy."