Amidst her own battle, cancer patient finds joy in giving

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"I got my Benadryl in, so I may doze off on you," Susan Kensy said, trying to make light of yet another long chemotherapy session.  But the truth is, "It's rough.  It's very rough."

"You spend several hours sitting in a chair while they infuse you with chemicals," she continued.  "Day one to day three, not so bad.  Day three to day 10, you feel like you have the flu."

If you still have any doubt how difficult and draining cancer treatment can be, just look in Susan's eyes. Listen to the shake in her voice. Watch her lips quiver. 

"I've also done two rounds of radiation," she explained.  "The cancer has spread.  I had radiation on my neck because it was in one of my vertebrae, and there's a spot on my liver."

But in the midst of what could be her last stand, Susan is finding joy in giving. It all started with a bag of goodies and necessities given to her when she first walked into her local American Cancer Society office: Goodie bags full of donated items like fuzzy socks, magazines, and puzzle books.

"They are definitely things you can take to where ever you're going to get chemo."

Between rounds of treatment, Susan decided to pay it forward. She bought bags at half price and started filling them up with what she knows the next cancer warrior will need during their fight.

Now she's looking for a little help -- donated items to fill the gift bags she buys.  "It's nice to know that strangers are willing to go out of their way for somebody they will never meet." 

If you'd like to donate items for care packages, you can drop them off at any American Cancer Society office.  The Polk office would be best for Susan though. The addresses are listed below.

Polk County:
1920 South Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL 33803

2006 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL  33606

Osprey Cove Professional Park
21754 SR 54, Suite 101
Lutz, FL 33549

4801 86th Avenue N
Pinellas Park, FL 33782