App helps young adults navigate the real world

College or trade schools can give students an idea of how to get started in a career, but what about those other big questions that come with adulthood? Young adults setting out in the real world now have everything they need to get on their feet right at their fingertips. 

"Taxes. How am I going to do all of that?  Am I going to have any assets that I'm going to invest into? Stocks. Getting a home. All that type of adulting," said University of Tampa student Jaden Greenwald.

"The things that may catch me off guard. That's what most intimidates me," said University of Tampa student Gershom Vacarizas.

Genevieve Bellaire has created what she describes as a starter pack for adulthood in an app called Realworld.

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"How people set up their first credit card, taxes, get their first health insurance plan, figure out how to get a dentist in a new city, all of that sort of thing," said Bellaire.

"I think it would help tremendously coming out of the university," shared Greenwald. 

"I think I would use that a lot," said Vacarizas.

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Like these students, Bellaire remembers feeling bewildered about those grown-up dilemmas.

"Despite being educated I had never been prepared for these life decisions and life questions I had to face. I got a passion about this idea of could we create a bridge between being a student and being in the real world as an adult and help people better make that transition and set themselves up for success," said Bellaire.

And it's not just for younger adults. 

"Even people in their early 30s are still figuring out a lot of these questions, so it's been a real broad-based approach in response,", added Bellaire.

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