Local artist helps bring 'joy' to University area community

A local artist is creating a work of art that spells "JOY" at the University Community Center in the University area. He's working alongside a couple of Prodigy Cultural Arts students. 

The first art project was a request from the community for the word "PEACE." This was back in 2020 during protests against police brutality, the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"During the pandemic, everything was dark, and people didn't know what to do during the pandemic, everybody stayed inside, and now the people said we need hope," Artist Junior Polo said. 

Polo began the Hope Art Project because the people asked for it, and he wanted to provide it for the community. 

"They bring words to me, they bring words, and we put the words together and then create something for them." Polo said.

He said this type of art project is important because all these words are just an expression of what this community wants for themselves. They want peace they want love, they want hope, and they want joy.