Art reflects community at the St. Petersburg Holiday of the Arts Show

The holiday season gives shoppers lots of extra opportunities to find special gifts for every person in their lives.

An event for which many mark their calendar every year is the St. Petersburg Holiday of the Arts Show, where artists from across the Bay Area gather to sell their work and show off their latest projects. 

Jerry Colson loves opening up the world to his art. The 60-year-old looks forward to showing is 3-D works of art at the annual show, which is in its sixth year.

"My whole life I loved art.  Its been in my family forever," said Colson. "The art festivals are an opportunity to share what you do and your passion with other people."

"St Petersburg is known as a city of art and this is the kind of thing that is a perfect example," said St. Petersburg Arts Alliance member John Collins.

He says artists have a special place in the lives of community members.

"There job, in a way, is to reflect society. They mirror society back to us to help us understand ourselves better," Collins said.

The show's organizers hope to create memories for families during the holiday season. The event is this weekend at William's Park in St. Pete. For more information, visit