‘Be patient, be prepared’: TPA expects 80,000 travelers this holiday season

Sunday marked one of the busiest travel days of the season, and at Tampa International Airport, that was no exception.

Big crowds could be seen at TPA as the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the weekend following the holiday are the busiest travel days of the season.

The airport expects to see more than 80,000 travelers pass through their doors during peak holiday travel days. They’re encouraging passengers to be prepared and arrive at least two hours before their flight. Even though Tampa International Airport prides itself on having short TSA lines and quickly getting passengers to where they need to go, the holiday season is not the time to test their luck.

However, TPA is making the holiday travel rush a little easier with the latest addition of the new blue curbside express lane. The new curbside is specifically for passengers who can bypass the ticketing level and have no checked bags, getting them to their gate quickly.

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Those passing through Tampa International Airport will also get to enjoy all of the airport shops and restaurants. Many of them closed down during the pandemic, but they are now all officially back open.

The airport is also reminding passengers to keep their masks with them at all times as masks are required at all U.S. airports and while onboard the airplane. 

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