Black bear traveling across Bay Area for days spotted in Oldsmar neighborhood

The black bear that has traveled far and wide across the Bay Area is still out there, but one Oldsmar homeowner spotted it walking in the front yard on Thursday morning.

Yeng Yang’s home surveillance footage captured the bear around 7:04 a.m. in the Eastlake Oaks community. 

Phillipe Park has been closed since Tuesday after a park ranger spotted the 18-month-old bear that morning. Pinellas County officials said the Safety Harbor park will reopen Thursday after FWC received "two verified sightings of the bear several miles away moving in the direction of a more suitable habitat."

The roaming black bear spotted across the Bay Area was seen Thursday morning in Oldsmar. (Courtesy: Yeng Yang)

However, Tuesday's sighting wasn't the first. The bear was previously spotted in Oldsmar, as well as Clearwater, and in Hernando and Pasco counties. 

Surveillance video from a Clearwater home near Curlew Road and Countryside Boulevard showed the bear roaming around the neighborhood Saturday. They said it made its way south near the Countryside Recreation Center and Misty Springs condos. By the time officers arrived, however, they couldn't find it.

FWC officials say it is probably searching for a new habitat since bears at this age are often on their own for the first time. FWC officials said bears can travel miles in a day, making it difficult and stressful on the animal.

For now, FWC is not planning on trapping the bear. If you see a black bear, FWC advises against moved toward it. 

Bear sightings can be reported to FWC by calling 863-648-3200.