Children's Cancer Center gives families a place to escape

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Every day, 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer. For the little patients and their families, having a place to get away from the stress of fighting the disease is crucial.

In Tampa, there's a sanctuary for children with cancer and their families to get all the support they need. 

Kids like Ana Harvey have a blast at the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa. The center was started in 1974 and has been changing outlooks for childhood cancer patients ever since.  

Three years, Ana fell and couldn't get up. That fall led to a Leukemia diagnosis.

"It's devastating. You don't ever think that that's going to be a diagnosis," Ana's mom, Heather said. "I mean, cancer doesn't happen to children for what I knew."

But today, the seven-year-old is a bundle of energy.

"No matter how she is feeling, no matter what state of mind she is in. She just always ready to play when she gets here," Heather said.

Julian Bourbon works at the center and believes it helps ease the burdens of families by providing emotional support, financial help, and educational opportunities.

"To walk out of here to knowing that there is hope and there are people there to help them get through this journey," Julien said.

The center helps families navigate through the most difficult time in their lives.

"Just at the very moment you think you can't do any more, you get that rest and cooperation here with people who really understand," Heather said.

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