Community Food Pantry helps working families get by

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A food pantry is helping thousands of working families eat - providing groceries to help nourish their bodies and minds.

The Community Food Pantry is on a mission to help those who need it most. 

"We serve nearly 400 families each month and provide them with supplemental groceries," Monica Wilson explained.

She is the Director of the Community Food Pantry at Village Presbyterian Church.

"It was definitely something I felt called to do," Monica said. "My heart was here and we're serving a lot of people in need." 

The church started the pantry in 2008 when they realized the need. 

"We had people just walk into our church before we had the pantry. I was here with one of my children who was kind of in shock that one of his friends' mothers had walked up to the church looking for food," Monica said.    

The pantry expects to serve over 17,000 people this year. For information on how you can help, visit