Construction company employees create fund for unforeseen hardships

Employees at a construction company are helping their co-workers through unforeseen financial hardships.

Last year, Robyn Donaldson experienced an aneurysm and a stroke. 

"I just felt really strange and then I heard a 'pop' and I just sat there. Luckily my daughter was there visiting me," Donaldson recalled.

She stayed in the hospital for 21 days and had two surgeries.

She is now doing better, partially thanks to the non-profit The Giving Circle, an initiative by employees of Suffolk Construction. They provide financial assistance to employees and their families when an emergency strikes.

Tiara Rubio from Suffolk Construction Company stopped by to check up on Donaldson.

"They're like the family that I never had," Donaldson said.

"The reality is you can't build anything without people," said Rubio. "So, if you don't take care of your people you don't take care of your business."

They gave Donaldson more than $7,500 to help her build her life back. More than 90% of Suffolk employees contribute to the fund.

"We need that kind of support so that we can continue to successfully build. Not just buildings but relationships and a community," explained Rubio.