Cristo Rey School pairs work with study for rounded students

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A new approach is helping kids get a quality education by giving them the financial resources and support to succeed.

The lessons taught at Cristo Rey Tampa High School help students reach their full potential.  

"It's given me an opportunity to develop," student Nicole Singletary said.

Student Anthony Simmons says, "I am grateful that I have the opportunity to come to a school like this to get me ready for college."

The private Catholic school is part of a unique national network. One that combines a rigorous college prep education with a work study program that helps children pay for their school tuition.

"Those funds that are raised through their work go directly to their education so it makes both the education and the work all the more valuable." Charles Imbergamo Administrator at the school said.

The teens work once a week doing entry level clerical duties.

"It's a fun experience going to work actually," Anthony said.

This is the first Cristo Rey School in Florida designed to help inner-city youth raise their expectations through a program of strong moral, academic, and professional values. 

"I came here for a new start I wanted something different and I wanted a good education," Nicole said.

Empowering students to reach achieve their goals.

The school was started in 2016. They have 132 students and 38 corporate partners. For more information visit