Custom Buccaneers wreaths selling out for Bay Area company

Tara Reinhart with Front Door Designs has been very busy.

Reinhart makes custom front door wreaths and business is booming.

"Just the orders coming from all different directions, it’s chaos. I’m working 15 to 18 hours a day," she said.

She sells plenty of holiday-themed wreaths, as well as Gasparilla and lots of beautiful floral wreaths.

"People get so excited about just putting something of their personality on the outside of their home," she explained.

But her most popular wreaths right now are Tampa Bay Bucs-themed. In fact, she is so busy working on Bucs wreaths that she is not taking any other custom orders.

Reinhart says he is making about 20 Bucs wreaths a day.

"This is such an exciting time for our city. In a year that’s just been so disappointing for so many people, what a blessing for our city," she said.

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