Deputies: Pasco teen claimed he had a gun at school, but later said he was reciting a song lyric

A 13-year-old was arrested at his Pasco County school after claiming that he had a gun, but later said he was just reciting lyrics to a song, according to deputies.

Pasco County deputies said the teen was causing a disruption in his class at James Irvin Educational Center, located in Dade City. Officials said his teacher asked him to settle down, but he refused. The teacher requested assistance from the administration staff.

Two administrators escorted the teenager out of the classroom, deputies said, and the young suspect said, “This ain’t over, I got my Glock nine.” The teacher and two administrators heard the statement, and called the teen’s mother and law enforcement.

Deputies said the teen admitted, in front of his mother, that the statement, “This ain’t over, I got my Glock nine,” was from a rap song from 9lokkNine, a rapper from Orlando. Officials said he stated he didn’t mean to harm anyone and it was a joke. 

The teen was arrested for making a false report.