Despite health problems, brother and sister help others

A brother and sister who face plenty of their own challenges are still finding ways to help others.

Stanislaw Kurpiel and his sister, Jolanta find it hard to hold back the tears when they discuss their medical conditions.

"It's been rough," said Jolanta, who suffers from seizures and the doctors don't know why. "A lot of doctors, they don't know, technically they don't know. I suppose I have seizures. I had a head injury recently."

Her brother has neurological issues, but the doctors still can't pinpoint the problem.

"His neck is not working, it's falling all over. The muscle doesn't work... He slowly stopped talking. He can't eat really. He's got a tube so he's in a bad situation," his mom, Maria Kurpiel explained.

Stanislaw went to the emergency room after complaining about hip pain and his mother says, since then he hasn't been able to move. 

"Every day, it's like we just try not to get too down and depressed about it. Just get up every day and find something to do," Jolanta said.

And what they decided to do was open up a thrift store. They call it Twice as Nice.

"A lot of people would be like, 'Forget it and stay in bed all day and just feel miserable and feel sorry for themselves,' but not me," Jolanta said.

They use the proceeds to help single moms and children in need.  

"To do what they are doing with the problems and issues that they have is a Godsend," said their friend, Celeste Wines.

Through their struggles, the duo sees opportunities.