Educators create Netflix-style program to help with homework

It's a common problem: Parents struggling to help their kids with homework. But if Mom and Dad find teaching methods have changed since they went to school, a couple of Bay Area educators have come up with a program that can help and it works just like Netflix.

Cohesion Education is a subscription service with videos to help kids learn reading, writing, and math at the kindergarten through 5th-grade levels.

The website and app is designed in a familiar layout so parents and students can navigate them easily.

"It is not only helpful just to see what they're learning, but to see how it's taught," said Dr. Jim Szewc, the CEO and co-founder of Cohesion Education.

Cohesion Education uses only certified teachers to guide parents through homework and how to solve problems.

"It's just a great resource to align you with the way the teachers are teaching it, to test your child and make sure they understand the concepts because with you being in the middle it just helps you stay consistent," said father-of-two Ian Elston.

And it could help parents save money.

"For $100 for an entire year, versus $60- to $75-an-hour for tutoring, this is something that a parent has access to all year," said Dr. Szewc.

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