Extraordinary Ordinary: New perspective from drones

Michael Blitch is a local photographer who has had his eye on numerous events in and around the bay area. It's safe to say that when technology made it possible to shoot things, people, or events from a different perspective, he jumped at the chance.

"If my arm was 50 feet long, I wouldn't need this. But this enables me to get a different perspective, a different view that otherwise can't get from the ground." Blitch told FOX 13 News.  "For me, it's getting the camera in a place my arm can't reach."

Unmanned aircraft or 'drones' are certainly less expensive than a helicopter, so he's dragging his all over the Bay Area and now the world.

"Very fortunate to travel a lot. I've taken this to about a dozen countries -- China, Norway, Italy, France -- and getting a different look at historical and geological formations.  It's been amazing. The colors, and looking at something differently is enough to me to be unique and amazing," Blitch continued.

Blitch is all about experiencing, exploring, and educating. Not only educating himself with places all around the world but educating folks about drones.

Blitch shows people what they're made of and address concerns of safety.

"What goes up can definitely come back down, but if it loses its signal, it will go back to its originating spot. If the battery is running low, it will land itself well before it runs out of power to sustain itself."

On privacy, which is a big concern, he has a video display for people to see what the camera sees. That way, Blitch can show that it's not much better than a camera on your cell phone in that it can't zoom that far and can't differentiate between light.

This extraordinary ordinary educates the public on the positives on drones.  He's going to continue to educate himself on the world.

"I want to take this thing to all seven continents if I can and check out places I wouldn't otherwise think about," he added.

For more info and videos, click over to www.michaelblitchphotography.com.

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