Faith, motorcycles drive couple to help inmates

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A local couple with a passion for motorcycles is riding to the most unlikely places. Their journeys involve faith and a deep belief in turning around troubled lives.

Jessica and Scotty Santiago don't fear the open roads or where those roads take them. 

"We ride motorcycles inside the prisons throughout Florida," Jessica said.

They call their 14-year-old mission Passion for Prison.

"Most inmates they don't care about God, church, religion, Jesus but they will come out and see how [you got] a motorcycle inside this prison," Jessica said.

They use their two-wheel vehicles as an opportunity to talk about their faith.

"Once we have them we are able to introduce what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in our lives and give them the hope that he can do the same thing in their lives," Jessica explained.

Jessica and Scotty believe it's vital that the inmates realize they can change.

"For every man or woman that is incarcerated there's a mom, and a dad, and a sister or brother children they are all effected by that same decision that we make," Scotty said.

Every year they send Bibles, Christmas cards, and birthday cards through the mail to prisoners.

"Just to let them know that we care about them, that they are not forgotten inside there," Scotty said.

The couple's goal is to give inmates hope for their future by strengthening their spiritual faith. The couple started their mission in 2003. They have talked to more than 14 thousand prisoners.

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