Family finds coyote concealed behind a commode

A coyote wandered into an Ohio's family's home and hid behind their commode. Photos courtesy of the Trenton Police Department. 

A coyote may have been looking for a little privacy when it wandered into an Ohio family house and took up residence in their bathroom. 

According to the Trenton Police Department, officers were called to a home on Friday because an animal was in the first-floor bathroom and they didn’t want to get too close to it. 

Upon arrival, police said they found an adult coyote hiding behind the commode. 

According to TPD, the unwelcome guest got into the home through an open front door as the family loaded items into vehicles for a trip. 

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Police say the animal was also in the small restroom as the family used it that morning unbeknownst to them.   

Officers safely removed the coyote and released him back to nature unharmed.