Family of missing woman plans to sue the Orlando Police Department

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On the twelve-year anniversary of an Orlando woman’s disappearance, her family says they’re planning to sue the Orlando Police Department for access to the case files. 

The main clue in Jennifer Kesse's disappearance 12 years ago is a grainy surveillance photo of a man parking her car at an apartment complex. 

“We're continuing to receive tips and leads in this case and we're continuing to work it, so it's not a cold case,” said Orlando police chief John Mina.

As Chief Mina talked in front of a bus wrapped with Kesse's picture though, Jennifer’s brother Logan couldn't hide his frustration.

“It's a joke,” Logan Kesse fumed, “the only reason this is going on is because we're putting pressure on them because we have attorneys involved now and we are over it. It's been twelve years. Did they do this last year? No. The year before? No. This is a joke, this is comical. And I hope everybody can realize that.”

The Kesse family said they're planning to sue OPD for access to the case files so they can turn them over to a private investigator.

“It's time to get every resource available and we feel we have the right to, and honestly by law we do have the right. Public records are exactly that, public records,” said Jennifer’s father, Drew.

Chief Mina disagreed, saying it's not a cold case, and they need to keep the files confidential. “We believe that can jeopardize our investigation as well as set a precedent for future investigations.”

Again, Logan Kesse shook his head, hearing those words. “We want to control it now, we want it in our hands so we can try to find my sister - her daughter. It's common sense that everyone can read between the lines on this dog and pony show that's going on here,” Logan said.

OPD says besides the bus, they're running billboards to try and get more leads on the case. They've also upped the reward for information to $15,000.