Family of Tampa murder victim reacts to death of person of interest

A Tampa couple mourning the loss of their 44-year-old son received some closure over the weekend after a person of interest in his case was killed in an attempted burglary.

Tampa Police confirmed Patrick Farrow was the man killed in a shooting on Julie Street on April 15.

At the time, the suspect was still at large. David and Natalie Farrow, Patrick's parents, said it was a difficult three months to follow as they tried to adjust to life without Patrick.

Pictured: Patrick Farrow

"I have good days and I have bad days. A lot of bad days," David Farrow said.

The couple said their North Tampa home, where Patrick lived too, has felt eerie.

"Sometimes I would sit in his room, look around at all of his stuff... think about what could have been, what should have been, and what's not going to happen," David said.

Patrick moved in with the couple after he was diagnosed with a genetic brain malformation, which sometimes caused severe seizures, stuttering and loss of balance.

"He had what's called an AVM, Arteriovenous Malformations. It has to do with the blood vessels. In his case, they were all jumbled up and twisted in a pocket deep inside the brain," David said.

David said he admittedly always pictured a time when they'd hear an unexpected knock at the door.

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"I had expected someday to have the police show up and tell me that he was dead because of the AVM," he said.

In mid-April, police visited their home for a different reason, to share that Patrick had been shot and killed inside a home on Julie Street after allegedly attempting to intervene in an altercation between another man and woman.

According to Tampa Police, the person of interest in Patrick's murder, 41-year-old Stephen E. Davis, was killed last Saturday during an attempt to break into a home on Bermuda Blvd. A man inside shot Davis.

Pictured: Stephen Davis

David and Natalie said the news of his death was bittersweet.

"I wanted to see his face when he got convicted. I wanted to see his face when the judge sentenced him. I wanted to have my say in court," he said. "But the trial would have been devastating for us to go through and live through."

Although police only considered Davis a person of interest in Patrick's murder, Natalie and David strongly believe he is the culprit. Both investigations are ongoing.

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