Fiery crash involving Road Ranger snarls traffic on the Howard Frankland Bridge

A fiery crash on the Howard Frankland Bridge caused all lanes to be shut down, bring traffic to a standstill Sunday evening.

The crash happened near mile marker 36 just after 7:30 p.m.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the Road Ranger stopped to help the driver of a Cadillace SUV that had run out of gas on the northbound shoulder.

When a tractor-trailer cut off the driver of a 2-door Chevrolet, the driver swerved to avoid a collision, but instead crashed into the back of the Road Ranger's truck -- which then crashed into the back of the vehicle they had stopped to help.

Upon impact, both the Road Ranger truck and SUV caught fire.

Multiple injuries were reported as a result of the crash. The Road Ranger, 29-year-old Adam Lopez, suffered serious injuries. The driver of the Chevrolet, 40-year-old Alvaro Vizcarra, suffered minor injuries, while his passenger, 41-year-old Oscar Rubio, was seriously injured. The driver of the Cadillac SUV, 32-year-old Sarah Lam, sustained minor injuries, but passenger Ngung Thi Nguyen, 67, was seriously injured. All except Vizcarra were transported to Tampa General Hospital.

The tractor-trailer that cut off the Chevrolet failed to stop at the crash scene and continued northbound on I-275.

Anyone with information on the crash or the driver who left the scene is asked to call FHP at 813-558-1800.