Find your inner artist at Dunedin Fine Arts Center

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Local artists have a new space to express their creativity at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. 

That's where retired nurse Mary Beth McDonell found a new passion.

"A whole day will go by and I will forget to eat lunch," said Mary Beth. "Time goes very quickly when you are working on a painting."

Ten years ago she first put a brush to canvas and hasn't stopped.

"What I am making is something that is unique. It's mine and no one could do the same exact painting that I am doing so it's very rewarding," said Mary Beth.

She and thousands of other artists come to the Dunedin Fine Arts Center to hone their creative skills.

"Art is a great way to express yourself," said Sara Delorenzo, who works for the center. "It gives people a different way to give their perspective of the world."

The center has been around for more than 40 years.

"A lot of our students here find that they discover creativity that they never knew they had," Sara said.

Mary Beth says there is another advantage to coming to the center.

"I could stay at home by myself and paint by myself in my house. But I get I think I do better work when I am with a group," she said.

The creative atmosphere is helping people of all ages discover their inner artist. The center is having a holiday art show all this month. For information, visit