Firefighters rescue dog trapped 5 days in wall of Cincinnati home

The dog, Gertie, had been missing for five days when the Cincinnati Fire Department received a call about a homeowner hearing dog cries through a wall in their garage. 

Gertie had run away before, but returned to the garage soon after. This time, when she didn’t return, Gertie’s owner Connie Frick and her partner posted flyers around town.

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Frick’s neighbor, Vanessa Roland, spotted Gertie trapped in the garage through a gap in her attic’s floorboard and called the fire department. 

In a video posted on Facebook, the firefighters used a saw and sledgehammer to open the wall and free the dog in about 10 minutes. Gertie wagged her tail upon exiting the tight pace. 

"We were just excited. We were like, I can’t believe, cause we knew it had been a while, so we thought like this is exciting, and hopefully, she’s OK," said Roland to WXIX.

Frick hypothesized that Gertie fell through the roof of Roland’s garage. 

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Roland had seen the flyers Frick posted and called her to relay the good news about Gertie’s rescue. Soon, Gertie and her owners were reunited. 

"We’re just very happy and lucky and very grateful to our neighbors," Frick said. 

Despite being tired, Frick said Gertie will be just fine.

"It was just so sweet, just wagging that little nub tail, and she was just so, she was so excited," Frick, told WXIX-TV.

This story was reported from Boston.