First day of Florida fall actually brings less humidity, but it won't last

When the first day of fall arrives, it's usually laughable here in Florida. For once, though, there are noticeably low humidity and dew points -- but it will be short-lived.

Fall technically begins at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, and it will sure feel like it across the Bay Area with lower humidity levels and a nice breeze. Before that, parts of the region felt temperatures in the low 70s in the early morning hours.

However, and unfortunately, the taste of fall will end soon, explained FOX 13's meteorologist Dave Osterberg.

"This little drier air mass, albeit not fall-like dry, but better than July, is going to last for a couple more days," he said. "As we get into the end of the week and into the weekend, the summertime humidity is coming straight back at us. It's going to be like flicking a light switch on."

He said the transition will occur between Thursday and Friday. It will be dry one day, and then humid the next day. 

Before then, a northeasterly wind is easing the humidity. Then, by Friday, dew points will return to the 70s.

"For those who are holding hope that it's going to be this beautiful, dry, lovely atmosphere for the weekend. It's not going to happen," Osterberg said. "The next couple days, yes. But the humidity comes back for the weekend."

Tropical moisture will rush back over Tampa Bay, and so will the showers and thunderstorms. 

"Beginning Friday afternoon and through the weekend, summer is back. Summer thunderstorms are back," he said, "but up until then we got a nice little break."