First named storm of the season likely in the Gulf

FOX 13 meteorologist Jim Weber says he’s watching multiple systems. One will likely become Tropical Storm Alberto before impacting the western Gulf Coast, while another area may also start developing over the Bay of Campeche. A separate system in the Atlantic might track toward Florida in the coming days. Limited moisture, however, is leading to lower chances for development.

Tropical depression or storm could possibly form in Gulf

FOX 13 Meteorologist Jim Weber says he’s keeping an eye on two areas, one in the Atlantic and one in the Gulf of Mexico. Invest 91 is still fairly disorganized in the Gulf but the chance of development is around 70% over the next couple of days as conditions become more favorable, according to Weber.

Two tropical disturbances may develop next week

FOX 13 News Meteorologist Valerie Mills says one disturbance is in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and the other is around the Bahamas, Bermuda area in the Atlantic. According to Mills, the bigger threat is the system in the Gulf that has about a 60% chance of gaining tropical characteristics over the next week.