First responder: Improvements needed at Myakka City's deadly S-curve

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Skid marks left on State Road 70 and Mobley Pond Lane in Myakka City are reminders of horrible accidents and lives lost. 

"When we hear a siren, we know it’s an accident. When we see that traffic, no traffic on 70, we know it’s a bad accident," said Barbara Anson. 

Barbara Anson lives on the double S-curve. She's a realtor and 40-plus-year resident of Myakka. 

"Most people are scraped up. There’s nothing left when it’s head on. Most of them are head-on," she said. 

Such was the case around six in the morning of April 19. A driver tried passing cars on the S-curve, hit a semi, and died in the fiery wreckage. 

"These accidents are not avoided when someone is coming head on and there’s nowhere to go," said Anson. 

Myakka Fire Chief Danny Cacchiotti has responded to multiple calls time after time at the spot. 

"I call it a blind double S-curve because you can’t see the other end of that until you get into it," said Chief Cacchiotti. 

A double solid line means no passing, but Chief Cacchiotti said that doesn't stop drivers. There's a sign to warn of the curve, but Cacchiotti said it's hard to see at night. For a short term fix, he wants flashing signs installed to warn of the S-curves. 

"You’ve got people that travel through this area that are not familiar with this section of roadway," said Cacchiotti. 

Residents like Barbara would like to eventually see passing lanes installed. 

"The accidents are increasing more and more. They are so bad," she said. 

FDOT will be taking a look at State Road 70, including the double S-curve, to see what changes can be made to make it safer, but residents say something needs to be done sooner than later, they're worried about who they could lose next. 

"Every time they’re on that S-curve if you’re not careful you may not be on it again," added Anson.