Florida woman wins $1 million after nearly throwing away winning scratch-off ticket

Scratch Off games for sale with PowerBall tickets at Best Beer, Wine and Deli in Gaithersburg, Md., USA on January 11, 2015. After no one picked the winning numbers for Saturdays drawing is is estimated the jackpot will rise to a record $1.4 million

A Florida woman is $1 million richer after winning big on a lucky scratch-off ticket – that she nearly threw away!

Jill Rowell, 52, of Grand Ridge, Florida, purchased a $50 scratch-off game this week from a Super Snead’s gas station and convenience store in Sneads, Florida, according to a press release issued by the Florida Lottery.

Rowell told the Florida Lottery she was preparing to trash the winning ticket, but a bystander advised her to look it over once more.

"I scanned the ticket at the machine, and you could say it was definitely a 'spectacular' surprise," she said, in a statement. "I drove straight here and yes, I want a picture."


Her lucky win came from playing Florida Lottery’s new "$1,000,000 A Year for Life Spectacular" scratch-off game, which just debuted in February 2023.

Rowell decided to take a one-time lump sum payment. After taxes, she walked away with $640,000, according to the Florida Lottery.

Super Snead’s will receive a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the winning scratch-off ticket.

The game features two top prizes of $1 million a year for life and 234 prizes of $1 million.