Funeral for veterans whose remains have gone unclaimed

They are gone but they're not forgotten. Funeral services were held this month for veterans whose remains have long gone unclaimed.

With the help of "Dignity Memorial Providers" and "The Missing America Project," they were given a proper service and burial at the Sarasota National Cemetery.

As their names were read, the bell tolled. Flags were folded for the presentation by a local Boy Scout troop, and a motorcade delivered the remains to the cemetery for a public service.

Dozens attended the services which were open to the public, many in attendance were strangers paying tribute to those who served our country.

The veterans and several military spouses who were honored served as far back as World War I.

"We're honored to work with the Missing in America Project to provide these veterans the dignified military service they deserve," said Duane LaFollett, general manager of Manasota Memorial Park & Funeral Home.