Gaze at the stars while beating the heat at Saunders Planetarium

A night under the stars can be serene, but during those summer months, it can also be hot with a chance of storms.

At the Saunders Planetarium at MOSI in Tampa, you can see the stars, the planets and so much more -- even during the day -- without a worry about the weather.

"The planetarium is the coolest place in MOSI, not just because it's awesome but because it's literally cool -- 68 degrees. We have a lot of expensive equipment, electronic stuff that we have to keep cool," said Charlie Dittmar.

He's the voice in the dark, taking visitors on a celestial journey.

"My job is to really show people things they can actually see in the skies above Tampa, which is hard because the skies above Tampa have a lot of light pollution," Dittmar explained. "It's very difficult to see any stars in Tampa so I always try to focus on things that they can actually see. Our show usually starts with a movie that we show in the dome above their heads. That's a little different way to watch a movie."

The planetarium is especially popular during the summer.

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"A lot of people want to make sure their kids keep thinking during the summer so this is a great place to exercise a child's mind and still have tons of fun doing it," said Dittmar.

It's a cool spot to relax, watch, learn and see stars no matter what time of day.

"It's all about trying to share stories, share facts, increase wonder in people, increase excitement," said Dittmar.

The Saunders Planetarium shows are an add-on experience at MOSI. Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the admissions desk.

For more information, head over to MOSI’s website