Humane Society sheltering 22 stray dogs from Puerto Rico

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The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is working hard to find homes for 22 dogs who were starving and neglected. 

160 dogs were flown in overnight to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale from Puerto Rico. 

According to the Human Society, the stray dogs in Puerto Rico are known as "Sato", and considered vermin. 

The shelter is now assessing the dogs medical needs and are in the process of rehabilitating the dogs. 

Veterinary technician Kimberly Valdiviezo says because of their treatment in Puerto Rico, there were concerns these dogs could be aggressive.  Valdiviezo says that's not the case.

"From what i see so far they’re pretty friendly," Valdiviezo said. "They come up to the cage wanting attention.”

The dogs should be ready for adoption in two weeks.

Humane Society Tampa Bay's adoption hotline is 813-876-7138