Identity still unknown of man hit, killed by car in St. Pete

Police need help to identify a man killed after being hit by a car in St. Petersburg

Investigators only have a few pieces of information to go on, but they hope someone will recognize the clues and come forward. 

St. Petersburg police first released pictures of a Nike shoe and a ring, saying they belonged to the victim.

Friday, police released a composite sketch of the victim in hopes someone will recognize him.

Police say the man was crossing 4th Street North, at the corner of Madison Circle, around 7 Wednesday evening when he was hit by a car and killed. 

He didn’t have an ID, a wallet, or a cell phone. There was $6 in his pocket.

“Maybe somebody will say, 'Hey, I haven’t heard from this loved one for a while' or 'Maybe I should go check on Uncle Bob and see if he’s okay,' in order to solve this mystery,” St. Petersburg Police Department Officer Yolanda Fernandez told FOX 13 News.

The shoe, a blue and orange Nike mid-top, is a youth size 5 and a half. The ring was silver with an oval opal.

Yolanda Fernandez/Public information officer, St. Petersburg Police Department

“When somebody has no identification you really look for something that’s distinctive and, in this case, the shoes are really distinctive. They are very bright. They're a small size which is kind of unusual for a man even though he wasn’t very tall,” Fernandez said.

According to investigators, the man is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 180 pounds. He is believed to be between 60 and 80 years old.

FOX 13 News's Jordan Bowen took the composite to more than a dozen businesses and residents near the scene of the crash Friday, but no one was able to recognize him.

“We’ve checked to see if anyone has put out any reports of any kind of a missing person in the area but so far there is nothing,” Fernandez said.

The driver who hit the man is cooperating and police don’t plan on filing any criminal charges against them.

Police ask anyone who recognized the man to call (727) 893-7780.