Ireland Nugent's mom faces leg amputation

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After Ireland Nugent lost her feet four years ago, her mom is now set to receive her own amputation.

Her mom, Nicole, shared on the “Ireland Nugent Family Support Page” that due to a severe case of osteomyelitis in her lower right leg, doctors decided to amputate it.

“It is the “best life-saving option,” she wrote in the post.

She is currently waiting in Mease Countryside Hospital. The surgery will either take place on Monday or Tuesday, and she wrote she will only have to be there for three days after the surgery, and then she will receive a prosthetic in the next couple of weeks.

In April 2013, the then-2-year-old Ireland ran out of her family’s garage while her father was using the lawnmower, and accidentally severed her feet. She has been living with prosthetic legs ever since.