Jesuit High School opens new chapel

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It has been one of the biggest building projects in Tampa and now, Jesuit High School says the new Holy Cross Chapel is ready for worshipers.

The chapel will be a sanctuary for worship and raising young men.

Father Richard Hermes gave FOX 13 News a tour of the Holy Cross Chapel.

"Each and every part of the chapel teaches something about the faith," Father Hermes said.

The chapel along with a new administration building and courtyard are part of a $40 million expansion.

"We have had an intense period of development here at Jesuit in academics, in our personnel, and program and facilities," Father Hermes said.

The chapel will be a gathering place for students to hold assemblies and prayer. 

"What the meaning of Jesuit High School is, it's just the formation of young men, but at the service of God and at the service of others," Father Hermes added.

Paintings for the space were commissioned by an artist from Spain.

"He's done a lot of things for Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, for the Vatican," Father Hermes said of the artist.

The church will seat more than 900 students. It took three years to build.

Father Hermes says he's delighted to have this new place of prayer that would serve the students body and alumni for generations to come.

This is the fourth chapel at the school and the first one in almost 60 years.

Watch the chapel's dedication live at 6 p.m. Tuesday on YouTube.