Judge: Drejka can live in Pasco after being evicted from Pinellas rental

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The man at the center of a 'stand your ground' shooting incident is being evicted from his home, putting the house arrest condition of his bond in question.

Michael Drejka says he feared for his life after Markeis McGlockton violently shoved him to the ground. He says he shot McGlocton in self-defense.

But he says all of the notoriety that has come from his upcoming trial has left him with no place to live. As his attorneys asked a Pinellas County judge to allow him to expand his search for a new home.

"My client has, unfortunately, has been forced, with an eviction, from his current residence," said John Trevena. 

First on their agenda will be finding Drejka a new place to live. 

"He has been unable to find housing because of the publicity from this charge," said Trevena. 

Drejka is charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing Markeis McGlockton outside a Clearwater convenience store last July. Drejka had been arguing with McGlockton's girlfriend for parking in a handicapped spot. 

Surveillance video shows McGlockton leaving the store then shoving Drejka to the ground. Drejka then pulls out a gun and shoot McGlockton. He claims it was self-defense, under Florida's 'stand your ground' law. 

Attorney John Trevena said, after months of publicity over the case, no one in Pinellas County wants to rent to his client. 

"It's been disastrous for them. They've checked every resource conceivable and, because of the notoriety surrounding this case and the charge, he hasn't been able to find housing," said Trevena. 

A judge granted Drejka's request to find housing in Pasco County. 

The next order of business involved potential witnesses. Trevena said he's filing a motion to block testimony from people who had similar encounters with Drejka in the past. 

"It's prejudicial and we don’t believe it’s factually accurate so we are going to argue vigorously to keep that out of this trial," said Trevena. 

The judge will rule on that matter on a later date. 

McGlockton's family attorney, Michele Rayner said the facts will speak for themselves. 

"Michael Drejka took a gun out shot Markeis McGlockton in front of his family, his child, and did it with no reason," said Rayner. 

Michael Drejka will appear in court again on April 26 for another hearing. A trial date has been set for August 19.