Tampa Bay area police K-9s train at water park to catch bad guys

Some very good police dogs had a "splashing" good time on the job.

K-9s and their handlers from Pinellas Park police and Largo police joined forces for water training Wednesday night.

The K-9 teams met up at the City of Largo's Highland Recreation Complex, which includes a water park, for what police called "water apprehension" training.

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"What do our K-9s love more than training with their handlers? Training at a water park!" Pinellas Park police wrote.

The agency shared several videos of the dogs in the water with their handlers, paddling in the water and at times jumping over hurdles to pursue and apprehend the "bad guy."

When one commenter asked if police gave the dogs a few minutes to play after they were done training, the agency replied, "'Training' is just another word for 'play' to our K-9s!"