Lakeland PD investigating possible violation of pursuit policy after deadly crash

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You could hear their voices raised in song from outside the home, praising God and asking for comfort for themselves and the family of Linel Vega-Ortiz.

“They give me peace,” Vega-Ortiz’s mother, Linda Ortiz told FOX 13.

Vega-Ortiz was on her way home from work at the Saddlecreek Corporation, a trucking and warehouse operation, when she was killed early Wednesday morning.

“We didn’t expect this,” said one of the church members who showed up at Vega-Ortiz's home on Thursday. ”It was so sudden.”

Police say Cleon Truedell did not stop for a stop sign. When an officer tried to take down his tag, Truedell took off, ran a stoplight at Memorial Blvd. and Lakeshore Drive, and Vega-Ortiz broadsided his car.

Truedell and Vega-Ortiz were both killed.

A Lakeland Police Department spokeswoman says the department is reviewing the incident. She says the department will not make any public statements until next week, including whether the officer violated policy regarding chases.

“If they were chasing him, we have a big problem,” said Ortiz.

Ortiz says if that is the case, the family will consider hiring an attorney.