Lakeland's kid rapper, Kid Balla hypes positivity on Youtube

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A new rapper is getting a lot of attention online, but his age and message are not typical of hip-hop played on the radio.

Marshawn "Kid Balla” Bean just released his single, “I Want to Be Somebody,” on YouTube and social media.

The 8-year-old rapper's video racked up a total of 40,000 views in the first week.

Another single, "Educated Swag" just went online a few days ago.

He raps about the things he says kids his age should be concerned about.

“Go to school and getting As, and not being bad, and respecting your elders,” he said.

Marshawn’s dad, Curtis "Balla" Bean has been writing and rapping for a while. When his son showed similar interests, daddy Bean wrote "Educated Swag" and "I Want to Be Somebody" songs for his son.

Curtis says the message in both videos is badly needed.

“There are no kids talking the positive vibe that he is doing right now, nothing, nobody,” said Bean.

Curtis Bean has high hopes for his son and is raising money for Kid Balla to audition for "America's Got Talent.